Import file to List in C#, VB.NET, Java, PHP, C++

Import Excel file to List in C#, VB.NET, Java, PHP, C++ and other programming languages! The entire sheet data or only data from a range of cells can be imported.

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celebrating 15 years discount

To celebrate 15 years of activity, EasyXLS is offering a 20% discount on all the Excel libraries for .NET and Java:

Subscription with Support
The discount is extended to products subscription and subscription renewal.
For renewals or special offers contact us at or

Best Technical Support
EasyXLS grants the best quality support to our clients. 24 hours of customer support including emails and phone calls.
Buy 1-year Technical Support and benefit of 20% discount in February.

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Posted on 30-05-2014
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Encoding for CSV, TXT and HTML files

EasyXLS will allow setting a custom character encoding like Unicode, ASCII, UFT-8 and UTF-32 when reading or writing CSV, TXT or HTML files.

The feature was already available for XLS, XLSX, XLSM and XLSB file formats and now was extended to text file formats.

The countries that use Greek alphabet, Cyrillic alphabet, Han script or special Latin characters will be able now to use the full functionality of our Excel library.

Format data labels for charts

EasyXLS will allow setting the data labels properties like:
- label position
- number format
- fill settings (no fill, solid fill, gradient fill, picture or texture fill, automatic)
- border color (no line, solid line, gradient line, automatic)
- border style (width, compound type, dash type, cap type, join type)
- shadow settings (presets, color, transparency)
- font settings (font name, font size, foreground, alignment)
- 3-D format settings(bevel, surface, lighting)

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easyxls, anniversary

Best Features
EasyXLS covers all the major features that a Microsoft Excel file has, for all Excel file formats like XLS, XLSX, XLSM, XLSB and common file formats like XML, HTML, CSV and TXT.

EasyXLS can be used from:
- C#, VB.NET, J#, C++.NET or any other .NET compatible software
- PHP, ASP, C++, VB6, VBS or other software that supports COM technology
- JAVA, JSP, JSF, ColdFusion or any other software that can be integrated with Java
For the complete list of features please check the presentation brochure.

Best Performance
EasyXLS works without Microsoft Excel. It is faster than OLE Automation and handles very well large Excel files with a big volume of data.

Best Support
EasyXLS provides the best quality support to his customers. 24 hours of customer support including emails and phone calls.

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Posted on 30-01-2014
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easyxls, new, lookEasyXLS, your Excel API library, has a more intuitive look now.

All the useful information is one click away. Our team is trying to offer you the best experience and focus on what is significant to you.

Enter the website and see more pictures that reveal EasyXLS library potential at its best. Check out the Feature Tour, Picture Gallery and the User Guide.

Have a look at our new demo, Grid & Chart Excel Viewer, an auxiliary .NET tool that displays an Excel file into a gridview.

We would appreciate it if you took a couple of moments and filled our survey, to let us know if you like our new website.

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Posted on 24-12-2013
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Posted on 22-10-2013
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Feel free to like and share with your friends our Facebook account

Let’s grow EasyXLS together!

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Posted on 05-07-2013
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We are pleased to announce that our website has a new image. – .NET and Java component to read, write or edit Microsoft Excel files

The home page of the website offers more information at the first glance.

We hope you enjoy our new makeover!

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