Posted on 04-02-2013
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calculation engine formula functions1. EasyXLS 8.3 suite is now out.
For more details visit our products page:
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New features for xlsx and xlsb files:

o Cell formatting full support:
- Alignment – text direction
- Diagonal borders
- Gradient fill
- Set colors as theme colors
- Set font as theme font

o Conditional formatting full support:
- Set colors as theme colors
- Set font as theme font

o Chart formatting full support:
- Fill settings for chart elements
- Border color settings for chart elements
- Border style settings for chart elements
- Shadow settings for chart elements
- 3-D format settings for chart elements
- Font settings for chart elements

o Images:
- GIF, PNG, WMF, EMF, BMP, TIFF images

All the new features maintain the compatibility for xls file.

Note: For more details about the supported features please check the following document:
Detailed Specifications Sheet

2. 2-year subscription.

EasyXLS offers two year subscription with upgrade protection that includes two years of email/phone questions and answers including all patches, as well as all major version upgrades during the subscription. At least one major version upgrade is guaranteed even if the subscription has expired.

All major version upgrades and patches are free during the 2-year subscription.

If you have already purchased an earlier version, you can buy the subscription and you will receive the latest version and all new versions for the next 2 years.


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